Problem Ft. Lil Jon - Andale Lyrics

Andale Lyrics by Problem
(Feat. Lil Jon)

Andale, andale
That's how the money come
Andale, andale
That's how the money come
Andale, andale
That's how the money come
That's how the money come
(Turn up, turn up)
Andale, andale, andale, andale
Andale, andale, andale, andale
(Zoom, zoom, turn up, turn up)
Andale, andale

[Verse 1: Problem]
Ariba, Ariba, where's the bitches?
This crazy boss just fucked up the game word to the clippers
My enemies bitch got her face right by my zipper
Tequila is laced, give me my space
The weather is thick give me a case I'm tryna get fucked up
Keep looking crazy from across the room you're about to get fucked up
We always pack, but I don't feel like tripping tonight
I am just too busy living the life, pass me the drugs
Andale, andale
I don't think these niggas wanna go there
Young rich nigga and I don't care
Same crew since I was a little one
Since day one been a real one
Put that on all my children
Walk in and the hood start cheering
No pom poms I bomb bomb
I'm on your side fuck that side the gang is the gang
You say you're my friend but you standing with them so you are the same
You gotta get it with them
Oh ah oh ah and I get a rhythm
[?] sucking my nuts [?]


[Verse 2: Problem]
Hurry up wake up trying to make dough
My bitch ass fatter than my bank roll
We look fly nigga we don't try and my bitch look badder than an 8 hole
Wartime bruh I don't lay low

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